Nights In

A time to relax...

A new service that I can now offer from my new home is evening visits. This is a more relaxed laid back time than a daytime dressing. It is meant to give you time to sit back and chat about the whole aspect of being a girl without the pressure of more outfits and more photos.

This the chance for your to dress and have dinner and champagne with me and the rest of the household that are around that night. We will give you insights into you and your persona from a very objective point of view and help you to move forward. We also try to allay any of the many concerns you might have with your dressing.

Do not be worried we are all very T-friendly and some may be dressed depending on their schedule. This gives you the chance to dress and unwind in a fun environment over a glass of bubbly and ponder other aspects which this might throw at you.

Maybe a few photos and a couple of changes of outfit but this is really geared towards allowing you to escape into the glamorous world of dressing in a more convivial way.


Nights In are from 6.30pm -10.30pm in the evening. If you are wishing to stay overnight there are a number of hotels that are trans friendly that we recommend.

4 Hours - £350