Damsel in Distress

Restrictions may apply...

I fully understand that to many dressing is quite a sexually, erotic charged experience and conjures up a variety of emotions. It is also a wonderful de-stressing experience where you put the new you in the hands of another.

Whilst I am not a mistress and do not offer their myriad of services I have been asked by many of my girls for a bondage session because it fits in with their scenario of being a girl who hands over control to another person. I personally have always loved the art of bondage which I find very empowering. It enhances the whole escapism of going from the stronger male to the subservient female they want to be. It’s nothing to do with sex, even though it may be sexy, it’s to do with your mind-set.

Bondage is about a power exchange between the participants. Many girls feel both very feminine and vulnerable when dressed. They also feel very free as they are in a new persona which allows them to experience a sense of handing over control.

Acting out a bondage scenario where they become totally helpless enhances that experience and denies them being able to control their lives as they normally do.

Dressing also does this as well. The combination of the two leads many to a different level of nirvana!

I am not a trained Shibari rope tier, but am skilled in symmetrical and asymmetrical bondage. I do not offer suspension bondage. These sessions take at least 45 minutes and should be calculated into any day’s events.

Please remember I offer this only to enhance a dressing and not as some kind of extended mistress service