Photo & Video Shoots

Capturing memories...


Nobody knows more than me how much a girl likes to be admired and looked at when dressed and the camera does this better than any. It’s a permanent record of your dressing day and a keepsake to remind you of how you transformed.

I am professionally trained glamour photographer offering top end equipment for use in either an interior or exterior setting. I have an inherent understanding of light and shadow that ensures I take the shots that best benefit your profile. On an average day shoot I take in excess of 600 photographs so be prepared for a lot of bending, pouting and preening!. OK not every shot is always perfect but everyone goes away with a portfolio on a USB stick they can use as they see fit.

But it’s not just about having the skills to take a photograph it’s about setting and lighting.

With a full portable studio including bounce flash, soft boxes and up-lighting we can vary the style and type of glamour shot you want.

Perhaps even some ideas you have not considered.

On top of this my house offers a variety of locations which offer endless different positions and possibilities. We also have over half an acre of gardens and arbours as well as a swimming pool at your disposal to get that perfect exterior shot.

If you wish we can adapt photos using Photoshop and Portrait Professional. Don’t let others tell you it’s not real. Which of the models you see in a magazine or in films is actually the genuine item. This about creating a look and a certain amount of illusion.


Videos are a new area for Dressing Services. Once the preserve of film companies the new HD cameras are able to offer an excellent quality of both picture and sound for using on the web in particular. But good video requires a lot of planning clever ideas, storyboards and editing.

For me this is an evolving area and I am developing very quickly but I cannot say I am an expert.  I currently offer short presentation videos (up to 5 minutes) of girls who would like to show a particular aspect of how they move show-off and generally act as a girl. This helps them to see how they are ‘performing’ as a girl. I include this in all my dressings as the norm.

For the more advanced I offer a planned 20 minute video ‘short’ here we play out a particular scenario between us against a static camera, which of course will include several re-takes and a final simple video edit. I will need to plan the scenes with you in advance and send you a rough idea. I may also ask my partner to help in the direction and set-up to give us some extra hands and mobility.