Duo Days

Double the fun!

Many girls would love to meet another girl in private. It allows them to talk to another TV for the first time get a feel for how others perceive them.

For so many girls this has been a solitary pastime, and to share another's point of view, to discuss fears, or just to chat girlie stuff, is an incredible defining aspect for a girls journey. Very strong friendships are forged, as both instinctively know the hopes, aspirations and downside to the T-girls life. The main thing however, is this is just amazing FUN!

If you would like me to organise a duo partner then please send me your email address with the title ‘Duo Partner’, some information about the sorts of outfits you like, or any scenarios like listed below. I will also need your dress and shoe size, as well as your height!

A Few Scenerios

Maid and Mistress Secretary and Sexy Executive/Boss Teacher and Schoolgirl Girlfriends Submissive and Domme Burlesque Girls Lipstick Lesbians 2 Sissies Sexy Nurses Glamour Goddesses Damsels In Distress (Bondage)

What happens on the day?

This is a full days dressing. We will already have discussed the outfits we will be using today.

No. 1 girl will arrive at 9am so I can start the make up. No. 2 girl to arrive an hour later. When the two girls are fully made up, we make a start on the first of our outfit choices.

I tend to take pictures of the girls individually then take pictures together. Just to note that if the duo pictures are to be used for the likes of Facebook, that both girls are in agreement.

Around 1pm we take a well deserve break for lunch with bubbles of course. This is a great chance to do ‘ladies that lunch’.

In the afternoon we resume our fun and frolics, with lots more pictures being taken. The day finishes at 5pm when I start disrobing girl No. 1. After which she can chill out with bubbles or coffee whist I make a start on girl No. 2.

I then download all pictures onto a memory stick for each girl as a great reminder of the day.


For a duo day. Approx timescale 9am to 6pm £360.00 each

(includes lunch and bubbles)

Please Note!

A £200 DEPOSIT EACH IS REQUIRED TO HOLD OUR APPOINTMENT (NON REFUNDABLE) payable by Paypal, BACS, Credit/Debit Card, Postal Order or Cash through the post. Additional hours charged at £50 p/h

Being able to experience the femme side with another is very enlightening. You realise that you have so many things in common with another and that in no way are you alone in your feelings and understanding of this new pastime. It also allows you to study how others appear in this environment and how they have evolved over time.

This is also a great intermediate step from dressing alone to going out for the first time.