November 24, 2020

Newton Abbot races

It seems like such a long time ago now. Jennifer had phoned me to ask if I could do a make over and join her and her lovely wife to Newton Abbot Races.


Jennifer is extremely fortunate, as her wife knows all about her femme side. Encouraging it in fact, as she often goes shopping with Jennifer and gives advice on clothing and make up.

We had such a lovely time. I had met Jennifer at a local hotel to start the transformation. Jennifer has become a good friend and we always have something to natter about. Normally about female matters.

I had mentioned to her that I had taken my partner to a beauty salon to get his eyebrows professionally shapped and coloured. My partner, who goes under the name of Tara, had plucked the odd few hairs out, but the eyebrow shaping had really enhanced his eyes. We haven't gone overboard so they look overly effiminate. It has made such a big difference especially when dressed as Tara. Anyway, I was over the moon that Jennifer had also taken the plunge to have her eyebrows professionally done too. We are so lucky that beauty salons actively encourage grooming in men. She looked fantastic.

Back to our day... it was late afternoon when Jennifers wife arrived, already made up beautifully. It was soon time to hit the races. We were all looking forward to a good evening. I was getting text tips from Tara, who to place my £1 each way bet, but sadly I was not a winner. Newton Abbot races is in a lovely setting and after losing miserably for the first few races, we went to the bar/restaurant for a meal and a drink and this time we were all studying the form.

I am happy to say that although I was not a winner that day, Jennifer and her wife were. We had a great time, with Jennifer turning heads, as you would expect. Well she does look gorgeous don't you think?

Next time I think I will bring my lucky bear... lil Pete.