November 24, 2020

My Typical Day At Chateau Femme

Though you would like to know a little about a Day at Chateau Femme from my experiences.

You will have contacted Susie and said what themes you wanted for the pictures. Expect 2 or 3 changes in a morning or afternoon or 5 for a whole day so think of what you want to do. You will have given Susie your size of clothes and shoes.
You arrive. Cup of tea or coffee or champagne (yes its that sort of place) while you calm down and chat. Then you go to choose clothes. Susie will have arranged possible clothes and you find the ones you want to wear.
Next back to the bedroom for you to get changed into underwear. You are feeling pretty sexy by this point and excited. Note go to the loo before dressing!! You put a robe over the underwear and go into the makeup room.
Hope you aren't allergic to dogs because Jack and Twix, her terriers often steals the show and will happily settle down on the bed to watch you.
Susie will make you up into the woman you always wanted to be. That is when the magic happens of course. The eyelashes are long and sexy and the lips red and full.
Before I forget - preparation. Shave closely before you go and if possible make sure your hands are not too hairy.
After the makeup comes the nails. Susie uses stick on nails which are quite easy to remove at the end but don't come off during the day Very important this is - tales of men with nails that can't be taken off are chilling but true.
At this point you find it difficult to do much - long nails mess up carrying things and using zips. Susie will help you into the clothes and get you dressed. What shoes and wig you wear is up to you. Susie will show you a choice and you can try as many as you want to get the perfect you.
You are dressed for the first time and look at yourself iin one of the many mirrors that Susie has around the place. Is that me? The glamorous diva or foxy secretary. Wow.

The fun really starts then...

Lots of Love


Leslie Marshall