November 24, 2020

Had I Dialled Another Number...

Hi I’m AnnA Vincent and that’s AnnA with two capital A’s.

You don’t want to hear my history, my journey, my challenges, my self-doubts or about the times I just wished I was stronger. After all they will quite possibly read like your own. So instead I’ll give you a little of what changed everything for me and I mean everything…


Moving from separation, through divorce and a new-found freedom (to a point, with three nearly grown-up kids), I needed to find myself. New Year’s resolution 2014/5 ‘Let AnnA out of the bag!’ Well out of anywhere with closed curtains actually. I wanted, well needed, to meet other people, not just like me but ‘normal’ people, men, women and those like myself that sometimes are not quite sure.


It took three long weeks into the New Year until 21st January, 2015 before I went anywhere or met anyone. That said it took 40+ much longer years to get to this point. Amy-Janes party in Melksham was my destination and I had the most wonderful time, perched on ‘my’ Bar Stool too frightened to get down…


The game changer though was meeting Susie Adams, proprietor of I searched over a few months looking for a dressing service where I thought I would feel comfortable. My ‘Mr Grumpy’ side I don’t think is vain (well not a lot) but AnnA, well she was desperate for some nice pic’s of herself before her looks faded. Something to put in a box and perhaps ‘show & tell’ to friends & family whilst laying on ‘our’ death bed!


My mind now is full of ‘What If’s…’ because if I had chosen another dressing service, I know I would not be what I am today, which is very HAPPY! What if I had dialled another number? Well had I done so, I would not have been greeted with a big beaming smile and the words “Coffee or Tea?” followed by “You must be AnnA!” I know that there are plenty of dressing services out there, believe me I did my research. But I wasn’t looking for just a dressing service, I was looking something extra even now I am not entirely sure what, but Susie changed my life.


I was so nervous walking up the drive. Deep breath in, hold it… and release… in, hold, release… Then the knock at the door and those words and smile I still remember so well. Put at my ease immediately we had a coffee, some nerve settling conversation and then Susie showed me some lovely outfits she had set aside thinking that I might like them. And she was not wrong… This was back two years ago before my full body waxing and recent laser treatments. Back in a time of opaque nude tights and body stockings to hide the Gorilla warfare going on all over my body.


Sat in Susie’s make-up chair pampered and wrapped in a beautiful Satin robe made me feel like I was the only girl she had ever done this for. She took some amazing pictures (even if I say so myself, but all down to her and a lot of smoke & mirrors on my part). I had the most wonderful day and have been back a further 6 times since. Susie, I soon came to realise truly loves what she does and the ‘girls’ that she meets. She also runs a wonderful social group via Facebook called Susie’s Angels. She organises events and opportunities in Bournemouth for new ‘first time out’ girls to meet those more experienced.


AnnA’s 40+ years of solitude have now faded with the delivery of so many tears of happiness. Even now I can’t believe I met a woman such as Susie and so many wonderful and amazing friends of ‘all’ sexes, just through my calling the right number. The service Susie (and others like her provide) is truly an important one. She makes ‘people’ feel whole. She cares, she understands, she is encouraging and complimentary, she is honest and she is talented. Susie and her partner have become very special to me and I owe them both so much, Thank You Susie xxx

As for me, well I am now whole, complete, the full Monty. An experienced girl that that loves to socialise and shop. As for Mr Grumpy, well he seems a whole lot happier now as well. Although he could be a little more giving with his Credit Card if you ask me…


Wherever you are at in your own journey, at the beginning of discovering who you are or an experienced ‘out & about’ there like me’, I wish you EVERY Happiness.


xxx AnnA xxx

From Repartee Magazine May 2017