November 24, 2020

I'm just a stepping stone

The more girls I see for dressings the more I realise that I am just one stepping stone on their path to coming to terms with wanting to dress. It is extraordinarily difficult to explain or discuss those inner feelings and, as I have said in previous posts, it is probably very hard to comprehend what is going on inside you.


Tara my partner showed me a book called Men in Bras Panties and Dresses The SecretTruths About Transvestites by Dr Vernon Coleman as she is very interested in discovering why she loves to dress. Whilst not a novel, more a research report, it is probably the definitive study on Transvestism/Crossdressing. It reveals the many varieties of Transvestite, how they came to Transvestism and how they have coped and finally come to accept it. Its a good start for many who are in the closet to at least help them on their journey and make them realise they are not a freak and definitely not alone. But I know that so well!

So many of the girls I see are newbies who have never dressed before or they are girls who are giving me the privilege of being the first person to see them dressed. I do feel honoured but i also feel a little anxious. After all I am the conduit that is allowing them to express a deeply held want that has never come out until they see me. I do so want this day to be special but this does rely on two - way communication and as I have seen on so many occasions there are so manythoughts running through one's head that to be clear as to what you want is almost impossible. So here are a few thoughts on Do's and Don't s:

Don't worry what I will think to your requests. I have been doing this for a long time and have seen so many girls of so many different persuasions. It's never shocked me and the worst thing I can say to a request is no, its just not for me!

Don't try to do too much initially. Dressing is a step by step process. Trying to do 10 outfits in a 3 hour session doesn't allow you to benefit from the fun you can have with just a couple of changes. You can always come back!


Do make time for yourself. To get the best benefits take a little time out during the session for yourself. Don't rush. Instead think of how you are feeling what sensations dressing is bringing out in you. Whether this look is the right look for you and how it might be developed. Look for which items really do it for you and mentally make a note for future reference. If something is not to your taste then tell me. I am quite a good judge of people but not a mind reader.

Do Talk Talk Talk. I have seen many girls go completely silent because there is just so much going on but the reality is a chat with me solves a lot of the issues you may have.


Dressing to so many is an incredibly de-stressing (not distressing!) experience. It gives you permission to relax into something softer, easier more escapist than 'normal' male life. You are in a place where only you can go. Lots of people can look at you, but only you can gain the true inner enjoyment that dressing brings.

Don't rush off after the dressing has ended you will be on a high of emotion as you have released something that has long been a drive within you. Plan a little time for a quick cup of tea and a chat before you go. I dont do back to back or concurrent sessions. This is your time.

Don't beat yourself up afterwards with any form of shame or worry. All you have done is put on a set of clothing that you cannot (because of the stupid conventions of society) wear comfortably in public...yet!

Because after all this is just the start of a journey that I hope you will embrace wholeheartedly. Susie XXX