November 24, 2020

I wish I had done it earlier

How many times I have heard this statement in my dressings. I would say 90% of my new girls would say this after their first dressing with me. So many of my girls have harboured this innate sense that they want to dress as a woman, be it subtle slutty or fetish it does not matter.


Its always something that they have put off for a long time for numerous reasons and I see it time and again. Because I have seen this occur so many times I might appear a little blasé when I respond to it. It's not intentional, it's purely that I understand what you are going through because so many others have trodden this well worn path to self-fulfilment before.

I do adore seeing what happens when a girl sees herself in front of the mirror for the very first time fully transformed. It has always been and always will be an incredible buzz for me. It also hurts as well when as a session comes to an end the girl starts to realise she has to give up her femme persona and moves back to the 'vanilla' man. In the majority of cases however it is a Rubicon that has been crossed and there is no way the girl can be put back in the box . My partner Tara in her blog Tarauktv alludes to the trials and tribulations she has gone through from early adolescence, to purging, to final acceptance and enjoyment of what she is. I see it on a daily basis. It hurts to think about all the frustrated time that people have spent thinking about dressing but never being able to step over the threshold of a dressing service to at least decide if its for them.

I know there are a myriad of reasons as to why you should not visit a service like mine, mainly based on the unknown factor of what will happen, but also:

- You are afraid of being found out by friends and relatives
- You think you are embarking on something kinky and perverted that you really shouldn't be doing
- You do not want to do something behind the back of your partner
- You do not know where it will all lead
- You are just plain embarrassed/scared/frightened of what might happen
- It's a selfish self-indulgent expense that you really cant justify on your family's budget
- The dressing service might not have the facilities/experience you need etc. etc. etc.


Listen I am not going to justify that you should at least try dressing once. That is your decision. But over time its an itch that will eventually have to be scratched and surreptitious closet dressings at home eventually start to pale as you want to share this with others and at least have the chance to discuss things face-to-face with another human being.

I see so many people in their 50's and 60's even 70's who are dressing in front of another person for the first time. Their children have left home and their family life has settled to a much more easy relationship so the parameters of life have altered. They come to me for their first dressing as they feel are at that time in their life to try things they have denied themselves for the sake of their relationship or family life. Almost all regret not having tried it earlier, they realise it is not a big a barrier as they had erected in their mind. Its just the culmination of so many factors in their life, but its also an incredibly cathartic moment when they can let go of all the pressures in an understanding environment. For some its the start of a new path for others its purely a release into a world they can finally start to comprehend. Others go off into the sunset happy that they have finally ventured beyond the four walls of their mind or home to just let go for a few hours of personal pleasure. Some return for many fun times and use me as their conduit into this great pastime. For a few it is a realisation that this is their real world and move towards in a more transgendered direction. Above all this is a very, very personal journey that they are undertaking and can throw up numerous beginnings.


I see so many extremely nervous people come to me who are so sacred of what they are doing. They just do not know what to expect. My job is to put you at your ease and make sure you get what you want from a dressing service. Its not a sexual service but there is no doubt that it is sexy. The sensual rush most girls get from dressing is a pleasure to watch. Some suddenly discover dancing, some just love to touch the sensual clothes they wear, some start singing! Its just the release of the person that has been trapped within. This is as Tara says like a hobby or pastime. Its not pervasive, its something you indulge in from time to time. More importantly its your opportunity to try various styles of dressing to identify your own personal characteristics and idiosyncrasies.

OK this is a little commercial but believe me you will leave more relaxed and elated. Please do not feel guilty about it.

Try to rationalise that its purely you putting on clothes that make you look and feel sexy and pretty, just like us real girls XXX