November 24, 2020

How to create your own 'perfect' breasts and cleavage

In dressing the creation of breasts is probably one of the hardest things to get right in terms of creating that 'perfect' femme shape. Given that many of us dress according to a look that we would like to emulate the breasts are a hotly discussed and disputed subject. Most girls want to show some form of cleavage but the size and depth is a very personal taste:

There are 5 basic things you can use

  1. Padded, push up or nude bras
  2. Breast-forms or fillers commonly known as chicken fillets
  3. Tape and tuck techniques
  4. Contouring
  5. Pills and Hormones (but sorry I cannot cover this area as this is reality, not illusion!)


And naturally a mixture of all of the above.Try the ideas below to find which suit you best. Remember that you will not get it right first time and it does require some patience. But isn't that part of the fun of transformation

Your first step is to determine what you are going to wear as this in reality determines what you are going to show. If it's going to be a top that covers your whole front then realistically you just want to create shape not cleavage. For this look and a genuine feel buy breast-forms from Forever Young who I think are the best value around. They provide a nice bounce but are firm enough to stay sound in even the flimsiest bra.

If however you have a showy lower cut dress or shirt then you need to create that combination of shape and flesh that give the illusion of real breasts with cleavage. There are you tube videos on how to blend the join of a silicone breast-form to the chest but in my experience you can always see it and the methods below are much better.If you are a girl that just wants a massive pair of hooters then opt for maximum coverage with a fairly loose shirt that fits tightly round the chest and waist areas. Drape front dresses and T shirts work really well for this. Then buy yourself a well structured under-wired bra and a pair of good DD up to FF breast forms from a company such as Forever Young.


Realistically though this is more a fetishistic approach and the creation of cleavage to match this is nigh on impossible. But girl will you stand out! This video from Eric Reenea might however help to perfect this look and keep costs down!

For the more realistic who accept that you need to obtain some balance in your looks and you want to show some flesh around the chest area there are some very good options available.Firstly you need a bra that is at least one size down from your real chest measurement. WikiHow has a very good guide on how to measure your chest for a bra. I know a tight bra is a little uncomfortable to start but it stops things moving around too much and you are not permanently trying to gather loose skin from inside your bra to create the cleavage illusion. Second you need a well padded push-up bra such as the Collection from Marks and Spencer. These are good generic bras, comfortable and have universal use. Remember to chose the cup size you want according to the measurement chart proposed by WikiHow. Personally I consider that if you have a traditional large male chest then select a B or C cup is the right proportion, if you are very slim you can go up to a D cup at a push. Finally dependant upon which method you choose below you will need either nude/nu bra(s) from the likes of Amazon or some chicken fillets such as those from ebay and/or some breast pads from someone like the Breastform Store, though these do tend to be on the expensive side.


Just put breast inserts into any of the main shopping pages on the web and you will find a bewildering array of items available. If you are adding them to a padded bra then the half moon or triangles are the best. If its to an unpadded bra then the rounder ovals from a company such as Softleaves will be best. Most high street shops such as Primark and Debenhams sell bras with the inserts already inserted into pockets for ease of use if you have the courage to buy them either in-store or on-line or you can get them from eBay or Amazon as well . Ideally your chest should be shaved as to have hairy tits is not exactly that womanly. Also try to buy some good strength gaffer or duck tape if you prefer one of the methods below. Note most of 'girls' fail to get things to stick to their chest because they have moisturised it and it is 'slippy' smooth. It needs to be 'dry' smooth for the options below to work best.For me to repeat the ways to create cleavage would take too long in words so I propose you look at one of videos I have linked to in these methods

Method 1 - The Layered Approach - where you use successive layers of nude bras to pull the chest together to create the cleavage as seen in JIffunky Town's video you then need to contour as shown by The RealFagWorld.


Method 2 - The Taping Way - here you use strips of strong specialist medical adhesive tape to pull both sides together as shown in the video by Karen Forecox, these Drag Queens have such subtle names!! Susan Miller also has another suggestion but I think it stretches a little over the period of an evening/day.

Method 3 - The Girly Option. This is what many of us girls do and is simply taking the tightest, uplifting and most padded bra you can stand, then placing the chicken fillets in base and then pulling your own breasts up wards so it flops over the top. It stays in place until you start waving your arms around like the tart you are!

In all cases you should also add the Contouring method where you create the illusion of depth through combining light and dark patches using concealers or good old Kryolan Foundation sticks and powder. This well presented in this very educational video from Pollo Del Mar. Another complete method is shown by Charlotte but she uses a breast creator bra from Crossdressing in the USA which is not so easy to find here in the UK and bloody expensive!


My experience is though that almost all methods need regular attention to realign the breasts and cleavage purely due to movement. Those of you lucky to have fleshier chests will have less work to do than those that are skin and bone. But as the variety of videos I have linked to show each type of chest type has its relative merits. Remember ultimately it is an illusion it's not a replacement for the real thing!

Have fun

Susie XXX