November 24, 2020

Going Out For The First Time

As many of you know, as part of my dressing service I offer escorted trips out and about particularly for those that have never been out dressed before.

The other day whilst taking a girl off for a night out in the Bournemouth Triangle I realised that maybe I have taken too much for granted given the number of trips I have done over the years, This was particularly relevant when a good TV friend reminded me of the fear factor involved when going out for the first time.So I thought I would give those of you thinking of going out for the first time a few pointers to help alleviate your worries.


Firstly let's get over the nerves and fears issues. Fear is an enormous barrier that has to be overcome on your first night out dressed. I am always amazed how many people cancel their very first dressing (in private) with me at the last moment even literally when they arrive in my street! Going out dressed represents a much much bigger step.

Fear grips us as we think that everyone will be looking at us, mocking us or even, God forbid, recognises us! This fear paralyses us into inaction so instead of going with what you want to do you take the safe and frustrating option of not doing something. I always say to my girls 'think what is the most likely, worst, option that will happen' and that is that people will stare at you for a few minutes then get on with their lives. People have too little time except to stare a bit.. That is the worst thing that has happened in hundreds of days and nights out with my girls. Nothing else. So get on with it and break the fear factor.

Everybody and I mean everybody who has taken a step out with me for their very fist time has said that they wish they had not delayed in getting out as it was not as stressful as they thought and they enjoyed it so much. They just needed a helping hand for security!

Now assuming you have conquered that fear element we have to look at what you wear. For the first time out play it reasonably safe. Even if your style is tarty, slutty or fetish for your first night out what you want is to feel secure in what you are wearing so you can concentrate on the event and the novelty of being out in public. Keep the skirts about knee length, blouses/tops a little looser and makeup natural. If in doubt about which to wear for the first time take the safer option. You are taking a big enough step and the nerves will be on edge as well as on an exciting high.


A personal thing I say is if you are wearing a wig is to get one that is keeps the hair away from your face so you are not permanently trying to wipe the strands that get in your field of vision. It's annoying and draws unnecessary attention to you. Do your nails,tuck that male bulge away securely so that if you do get excited nothing will show.

Learn to adopt the posture, walk and pose of a woman. Youtube has hundreds of video examples. Practice wearing heels for a few days beforehand. Just walking up and down your hallway for 5 minutes will not prepare you for an hour or two in heels. Don't go too high on your heels either.

When you walk, walk tall there is nothing worse than a tranny with bent neck, rounded, hunched shoulders taking enormous steps down the street. You look far better with a straight back, head high, taking smaller steps (about 33% smaller) than your normal gait. When you sit, sit straight and not slouched. When you eat, eat slowly and delicately. When ordering food take the easy options, forget the burgers, hand food and complicated eating such as Chinese. Stand at a bar don't lean on it. In a chair cross your legs at the ankle. Beware of drink as being nervous can mean you drink too much too quickly! If you go dancing take small steps and make the body and arms do the work.

At the end of the day take all your make-up off and come down slowly from what will be a momentous occasion.


You will be surprised at how many males and females come up to compliment you. The acceptance of trannies is so much greater than it was 10 years ago when I started taking girls out. The public readily engages with us and their fears of what we stand for are significantly reduced.

Recognise that the need to go out as your next big step will continuously nag away at you and occupy your mind.If you do not do it then it will be a constant frustration on your mind.

Instead take a little courage and get out girl in a safe environment ideally with a good experienced friend.

Susie XXX