November 24, 2020

So what type of girl are you?

I have always said that every girl who visits me is unique and with my tutelage has developed their own loves and preferences! We have been able to try out so many different outfits and forms of dressing, and had great fun in the process. For that I thank you all for the thrill it gives me as we have moved down the 'femme' road.

But we all must remember the origins from where we first started. To 'newbies' and those that are inquisitive about the whole dressing world it can be a exciting but confusing realm. The plethora of things that have to be tried and explored can be so mind boggling and, initially, quite difficult for you to explain to a total stranger. The problem in your early discovery days is how to encapsulate in succinct terms what you want when you come to me far less having the conviction to admit you love to dress. So many have told me how hard it is to explain their fantasy.

So I thought I would try to put some of the most common types of girls into a set of 4 groups that I see most frequently. They are not mutually exclusive and the list is not comprehensive but these are common drivers with many dressers and it gives you a start from where you can talk to me about developing your own style.


These are the ladies who are concerned with being just very pretty. Things have to look correct and their intention is to be as passable as they possibly can. They want to dress as if they were going out to the shops. Their aim is to blend and be part of the ladies around them. They want to have the right clothes for the right occasion. On or below the knee skirts and dresses, kitten heels, light fresh make up. For some its the whole bridal event that takes precedence for others its the pure calmness that dressing brings to a hectic life. These ladies want to get out to sophisticated events, restaurants and shopping!


My provocative girls like a look that makes them stand out. These girls get an incredible energy rush from seeing their idealised woman come to the fore. Be it a tight pencil skirted, secretary look or a short mini dress tart these women have an eye on impact. For them its racy underwear, the fully fashioned stockings and suspender belt and the highest of heels. The emphasis is to stand out so make-up has strong colours, eyelashes are dramatic and the wigs are bolder. Some go down the whole drag route! They like to go out to lively clubs and bars for fun fun fun.


Covers my sweet dolls and maids who want to feel ultra-submissive and hand over the day to me. They are the ones who love to flounce around in rustling petty coats and lace gloves with staggering heels being admired by anyone who is passing. They want to serve at lunch and tea parties to admirers who appreciate all the effort they have put into their whole décolletage.


For my funsters it is all about the clothing they wear be it Rubber, PVC, leather, satin, nylon and any other type of fabric/material or a particular type of garment that elicits an internal response in their id or instinctual drives. These girls dress for the intense pleasure they get from wearing clothes that make them feel erotic particularly when felt against their skin and in a role playing scenario. They tend to stay indoors and enjoy the intense personal thrill from this form a dressing.

I always maintain we are all different and we are not the same. The human psyche is too complex to fit us neatly into boxes but by focusing on these 4 areas you can at least start to embrace your inner woman

Susie XXX