November 24, 2020

Get out... Girl!

With the coming Christmas festivities there is no finer opportunity than this time of year to get out and enjoy the scene. Everybody is in party mood and just gets on with having fun! There are so many special events where you can have a wonderful fulfilling time in whatever guise you want.


So many girls harbour a deep desire to get out dressed but so many things, particularly fear, get in the way.

This fear is an enormous barrier that stops us doing what we really want to do. The worry of being discovered, of being out of place, of feeling awkward, of having to do it alone, of not knowing anybody at the event, always gets in the way of doing what you really want to do.

I have got so used to going out with girls it has absolutely no concern to me what people think, but so many girls on their first outing are very nervous and their 'fight or flight' side kicks in and needs calming down. But this is normal for a new exciting experience. It takes a little courage but I would be a very rich woman if I got a £1 for the amount of times my girls have said " gosh, that was such fun, wish I had had the courage to do this a long long time ago".

What a waste!

This fear gets in the way of really growing your femme self away from a little guilty secret into a fully fledged girl. The chance to spread your wings and enjoy the other side. Think 'what is the most likely thing to happen' and that should be your guide, Not 'what is the absolute worst possible outcome that will, with a very very rare probability, happen'. This worst case scenario always blocks the chance to explore new experiences and stops you just relaxing and enjoying the fun. I know its a confidence thing but little steps are what life is about.

Don't deny it to yourself!


As many of you know I love taking my girls out for that experience be it privately to a local restaurant or girly-event, or as part of my own tranny group Susie's Angels. Recently we have visited some of the great local events such as The Big Night Out at Pink Punters in Bletchley and The Magic Theatre at the Rivoli Ballroom in Lewisham and Candy Girls in Sunbury.

These events are great places for Trannies who are new to getting out where they can let their hair, and nerves, down in a very friendly and empathetic environment. They find they are not regarded as 'freaks' that they so worry they think they may be.

Instead they find a host of people to talk to who are in exactly the same situation who just enjoy the moment. You realise that you are just part of a large, growing scene and there are so many girls who think and act like you. They come in all shapes and sizes, fashions, styles and there is no one size fits all.

But for many who come to my dressings this can just be too much for a first meeting with others. Instead they want to meet another TV mainly out of interest to find out what the whole TV scene is about They welcome the chance to meet someone of experience who will put them at their ease and show them that the experiences they are going through are very common.

That is why I also offer my special tea and chat service where you can meet another TV if you fancy as well as participate in duo photo-shoots for you and a friend to have some great fun pics taken in the privacy of my home settings. This allows you to feel safe and secure whilst finding out about the great femme adventure.

So my advice to you all is get out and have some fun this year if you can. The problems are really in your mind not out there.

But if you fancy giving yourself a Christmas present then come along and meet me and one of my girls.

Susie XXX