November 24, 2020

Dressing Services From A Tranny's Perspective (Guest Blog)

I have been invited by Susie to be a guest blogger for this month to add a bit of objectivity to what people will obviously see as a blog promoting her services.(my own blog can be seen at Tarauktv ). I declare that Susie and I are partners and we both adore the Tranny scene, therefore this may not be as objective as you might like, but she always wants to help people and so likes to inform others with different perspectives.


As a user of these services in the past I want firstly to clear up the major misconceptions between what a Mistress/Pro Domme offers and does in a session and what happens in a Dressing Service. By their definition Mistress services are sexual in their nature and the fundamental focus is on the feelings that are aroused by activities based on sensation play. Dressing services do not offer sensation play instead they work on the mind and the inner 'woman' and in particular finding out the type of person you are. To some of us this is about wearing just a few items of clothing, to others it's a complete transformation. To some it's being a secretary or a bride, to others is a tart or a schoolgirl. it's your fantasy and can set you on a very interesting path of self discovery. But the focus is on releasing a feminine mindset by the sheer act of dressing.

Yes a mistress might offer a chance to dress you but then the main focus will be on a variety of acts that have a BDSM nature surrounding them. Because they offer a wide set of other activities apart from feminisation my experience is that the wardrobe and dressing facilities are quite limited as they have to have so many other items in their 'wardrobe'. This is not bad reflection on them purely an observation that because they offer so many other activities they just do not have the resources to offer that complete transformation.

A dressing service has to offer a much wider range of clothes, be good beauticians, have loads of shapewear, shoes/boots in many styles and sizes, wigs in a large variety of colours, lengths and styles. False eyelashes false nails, jewellery handbags etc etc etc...the list goes on.

This is their specialism. And once dressed the subsequent activities focus on performance aspects such as different outfits, posture, deportment, walking in heels and of course photography. The essence in these sessions is to find the right way for you.

So initially do decide if you want to develop your playful side or your femme side. That will help you choose the right service. Yes you can get sexually turned on but there is no release in a dressing service, that borders on prostitution!

The next piece of advice I would counsel is to try to stick with one service for a few sessions. Whilst these ladies (And they are only ladies or T's) are experienced in what they do they are not mind readers. Just like any relationship it takes time to build up rapport and understanding about your needs and wants. Initially you will find it difficult to explain what you want either through shyness, embarrassment or pure lack of understanding what you are doing. Don't be afraid or think that what you are doing is wrong and contrary to society's morales. In fact these barriers get in the way of good fun. Just try to be as open as you can. These people have seen it all and the majority really love what they do. To build up a wardrobe that they have has taken a lot of money and dedication it's a labour of love for those that have the more extensive facilities.


They naturally want a client who comes back regularly and moves on each time as you both come to terms with what you want. Tourist dressing where you hop form one to another in the expectation of finding your perfect dressing service never works and you will be continually disappointed as they do not understand what you want.Have some idea of what you want and be able to talk about it in your first telephone call or meeting and things will develop so much better than just saying I want to dress

So you have decided to take the plunge what do you look for ? I consider 3 key things are essential:

  1. Empathy - by this I mean does the service and the woman on the telephone seem to understand what you want? Do the pictures on the website show girls wearing what you would like to wear. Do you also like the sound of the person on the line.. This in effect shows the two of you have a shared goal/mindset
  2. Facilities - get a rough idea of the location, layout and setting where this happens. Try to find out if they have an extensive wardrobe that suits what you would like and what does the flat/house they operate from offer in terms of rooms, gardens and photo studio,
  3. Value - I say value not price because you have to think what you want to achieve. Good wardrobes cost money, good photography takes time. Good make-up cannot be done in half an hour. As they say if it seems too good to be true it probably is and you will be disappointed when thousands of others have had a great time. Beware however hidden extras. Do I get the pictures on a memory stick or do I get a couple and then pay for more? Are eyelashes and nails extra? How many changes do I get in my time etc.

Finally I would like to say from my experience that most of the people working in the dressing world are nice people who genuinely like to make you happy. Yes they have to make a living and therefore it is rare to find a cheap good one. They should treat you with respect and vice versa. With that you will end up with an exciting fun relationship.

Happy dressing. Tara XXX