November 24, 2020

Dressing for de-stressing

One of the things I love about people coming to my dressings is, that for a few hours, my girls can switch off from the pressures of the world and enjoy the thrill of indulging in their secret pleasure.

I say secret because, as yet, the concept of cross dressing and transvestism is still a relatively taboo subject and for 90% of participants it is a no-no to even consider journeying out into the wide world dressed as a member of the opposite sex. Being exposed to potential ridicule or for God's sake being recognized by someone who knows you is the last possible thing you ever want! In my experience though nobody can recognize you when transformed.

Almost everyone is very respectful of Trannys apart from the 'gosh a Tranny, wow that's different' comment that occasionally occurs. In fact for so my many outings I occasionally feel a bit miffed because the girl I am out with tends to get more attention than me, as soon as she relaxes and realises the environment she is in is totally non-threatening and she can communicate with all and sundry. Not as a freak but as an interesting digression in life's tapestry of things that go on. Once most realise that the dressing and make-up provides some kind of veil behind which they can hide that boring vanilla man-self then opportunities become endless!

Dressing is however becoming a more and more acceptable thing. As the plethora of misbegotten views on things such as gay marriage, women in the bishopric and that every Muslim is a jihadist, so one of the most liberal societies in the world is both accepting and welcoming of transvestism.

My partner Tara (do read her blog at regularly tells me of how when she is buying women's clothes (in guy mode) she is amazed at how many women approach her and say 'wow those would look great on you'. Its just the norm nowadays. She also says she gets chatted up a lot more by both guys and girls in girl mode!

But I digress. To watch a girl change so much during a session is truly amazing.

She tends to arrive a little flustered, highly anxious (If she has never dressed in front of a woman before) and just stressed by the general pressures of life. Suddenly she is in a new exciting environment with lots of new playthings that she can enjoy at her leisure. She is with someone who just takes control of the few hours we have together and lets it all go. Within a very short time she is allowed to sit down and relax whilst I transform her into any guise we may want to explore. Then of course the moment of truth when she is presented to her alter ego . I love the look on her face and always watch her first reaction intensely! I watch her shoulders relax her stance change and her whole demeanor soften. This is for most is a time when a new form of excitement arises.

Not a stressful one just a feeling of intense, relaxed pleasure that a fantasy has turned to reality.

How this feeling manifests itself varies from girl to girl. Some want dance, some sing, some pose immediately for the camera, some become aroused or are constantly stroke their stockings. It does not matter. This is the way they de-stress and release life's pressures. They come to terms with themselves without the worry of being discovered. They are not worrying if the door is going to be opened and their secret discovered. Instead they have to think of how they are going to pose in front of the camera!

Many have told me that after they leave they have an intense feeling of euphoria similar to that from say a massage, a cigarette or that first glass of wine. They have found themselves! There is however another side in that dressing is very exciting. Many of my girls love the fact that by indulging in this hidden pleasure they ARE breaking some of society's standards. They get a buzz from being different.

By everybody accepting cross dressers and transvestism it might mean that rebellious nature within them does not get sated and they are get enough of a kick by indulging in pure dressing, because it is not as risky a pastime as it was.

Man (and I say this in the male sense) likes taking calculated risks and in many cases if it does not exist then they tend to create it in the form of such things as risky sports, gambling, fast cars etc. To these people I say be careful, the adrenalin junky in you can lead you down some weird paths. Instead stick to a fairly relaxed de-stressing exciting pastime such as dressing and leave the overt risk-taking for others. You already well down a good path and should not be looking for a new high.

Instead think about going out or bidding for that new dress on eBay!!!

Susie XXX