November 24, 2020

Choosing the style you want for a dressing

The last few weeks have been very busy with many new faces arriving. The most difficult thing for any novice is being able to decide the style of dress they want to adopt for a session. Within this is the biggest problem of being realistic about what you can achieve. We all have an ideal persona in mind that we would like to adopt during a dressing and it is my job to help you on this path, but we have to have an element of realism about what can be achieved.

Remember however that this is meant to be your time and you should get what you want, ultimately its what you see that is important forget how others view it, they have their own agendas!

I can adapt most dressing styles to suit but if you bring along a picture of a size zero girl and you are effectively a size 20 then there may be an impossible gap between what you want and what I can do. Determine what your dress size is first then look at the many people who wear that type of style and which ones you like and think may suit you.

If like me you enjoy sexy looks then there are thousands of great looking women who are not the shape of a cocktail stick. Its all about attitude and how you show your confidence. If you look at so many larger girls they exude attitude and raw sex appeal. It is all about how you feel in your head and how your mind drives you. Some of the best models are voluptuous curvy goddesses that everyone thinks exude that certain look without worrying about the platitudes of the current boney fashion industry which of course is photoshopped to death!

The same applies to your attitude to hair, breasts, legs and lingerie. If you have a particular look then by all means go for it but be reasonable about what you expect to look like. You may love size 38 Double F tits but they will destroy the balance of many outfits if you want to appear stylish! You may love your long legs and feel great in a micro-mini skirt but if you have athletic thighs then the overall look will be unbalanced in those shy high heels!

You should think about what style(s) you would like to adopt during the hours you are with me and don't just confine it to one. I have many styles and subset in my enormous wardrobe and need some help form you to ensure that you get some of the looks you would like to achieve. I tend to divide dress styles into 6 distinct categories:

  1. Classic - this is the traditional lady look. Elegant and sophisticated with a hint of sexiness, but very much cloaked in a more refined style. Lower heels, longer shirts and fuller blouses, with perfect nails and hair. A look of haughty refinement. Perhaps this might entail a ball, prom or cocktail dress, but always one for the perfectionist.

  2. Retro Chic - harping back to a time when times were swinging with floating skirts, fully fashioned nylons, tight jumpers and flowing hair

  3. Business - be it secretary or boss the tight pencil skirts and sharp suits. Set off against white blouses or striped shirts and sensibly elegant high heel pumps. Stockings and suspenders hidden beneath the layers are a must!

  4. Bridal - the eternal look of the flowing satin and lace gown, the veil. The hidden lingerie and the unique sensation of the special event.

  5. Tart - the girl who gets a rush from a sluttier look. Perhaps a Street Hooker, or the girls night out on the pull look. The very short skirts, the very high heels, the bigger boobs, the heavy make up. Lots of jewellery and an accentuated hip movement in your step

  6. Fetish - a penchant for latex, leather, PVC fitting close tight and taught to the skin. A hidden mask or a chain collar or a set of cuffs can set it all off.

  7. Submissive - either maid or Sissy this is a servile approach in a short frilly dress with gloves. A person to be taught to serve and recognise how to be servile. Proper curtseys obligatory!

You have to remember that its your time and your imagination that drives what happens. I offer all these options and see these and so many more derivations. Take a look in my gallery you will probably see what you like and by telling me before we can sort out the details in advance. By doing this you arrive with a mindset of what you are going to do. My Tranny girlfriend Tara says that before a dressing she probably starts planning 6 to 7 days ahead as this ensures her mind has 'flipped' to the femme side by the time she actually starts to dress. It seems logical and one that can really prepare you for a session.

Susie XXXX