November 24, 2020

All I want for Christmas

Yes it's that time of year when we turn to giving and catching up with others who we seem to have left behind for the last few months. I will not even think about the New Year's resolutions yet! So at this time I turn to think about what I would like this Christmas. Purely selfish I have to say! So here are my Christmas wishes for 2014!

  1. Stockings - please please please someone invent a non snagging 10 denier Wolford seamed stocking that lasts more than one wearing!
  2. Nails- just a little more glue be applied to the self adhesive tabs they put on Impress quick nails and that they include one larger nail extra in the kit
  3. Gaff Panties - why haven't the Chinese started to copy these ridiculously expensive simple items..I mean £15 for a strong elasticated g-string is crazy
  4. Make up - that the price of my Kryolan foundation I use in dressings goes down as a result of the dropping oil prices, love it but it hurts the pocket, especially in 15 colours!
  5. Wigs - that someone invents an easy to clean wig that does not frizz, that keeps it's shape more than 5 wearing, that cools the head and has non-slip tabs in it.
  6. Apps - where is that app that allows me to take a picture of a girl in male mode and then, from the comfort of the couch, be able to suggest a variety of outfits from my wardrobe that may suit her before we delve into the chasm of the CF cupboards
  7. Shoes - more size 9 10 and 11 shoes in Primark and M&S.
  8. Shapewear- the corselette that genuinely pulls you in and not the Spank style Lycra with the strength of cotton wool. Ah that will be Rago then!
  9. Photography - a simple app that is better than the Eyefi card or the camera to allow us to instantly see a picture I have taken on the MacBook Air to help my girls pose better
  10. The Powered Wardrobe -that is at least 12ft high with 12 rails that rotate to show all my clothes in one easily accessible format.
  11. Better understanding- more people should read Tarauktv's blog so that at least they can come to terms with comprehending what is going through a trannies mind and some ideas for inner peace.
  12. Partners - more partners coming with their 'girls to a dressing so that they can get to know them better and realise the girl within is no threat to their relationship
  13. Epilation - that the inventors of no-no- hair removal con actually invent a product that works! Or at least someone invents a painless laser treatment that takes only 2 sessions.
  14. World Peace - an end to ebola, bigotry, misunderstood people,fake false idols and homophobia/xenophobia that seems to be engulfing the planet...not much then

Ah well a girl can wish. Happy Christmas to you all!

Susie XXX