November 24, 2020

A little extra something...

To say I have been 'round the block' is not a nomenclature that I would like assigned to myself. But there is no doubt that I am mature and have been doing dressings for quite a considerable time. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I have made so many good friends through these exciting times.

It no longer surprises me the variety of requests that I receive for certain styles of dressing. It ensures I retain an open an objective mind offering something I really adore. I loved Mandy saying last week 'even after all this time you still do love Trannys of all types don't you?' I do and thanks darling, this is a lifestyle for me not just a vocation. Ask any of the girls on my Susie's Angels Facebook page!

Over the many years I have learned what my girls want. As a result I have adapted, and continue to add to my wardrobe and the services to accommodate the many needs of a very diverse set of beautiful people. From my early days I very quickly learned there is no such thing as a one size fits all service, and definitely no one size dress that fits all! My wardrobe has 10 size 6 (20 inch waist) dresses and 12 size 28 (46 inch waist) dresses alone before I even contemplate skirts, tops, jeans, corsets and underwear as well as PVC, Maid, Sissy and bridal to name a few! Some prefer underwear to outer wear, some love leather, some love heels, others boots, some tights and other Fully Fashioned RTT stockings, bras, camisoles, hats, blond, brunette, redhead, long, short, maid outfit...the list could go on for a long time.

Make-up is also an all encompassing thing. Some like the simple plain look others tarty and some full drag make-up. Each person is individual but there are some coherent lines within each that I try to advise new girls about. The more experienced know what they want!

I know that some people have occasionally criticized my website because it does not label all of specialities that I have developed. Well to me that's part of the fun. My galleries can give you some idea of the comprehensive nature of what I offer, but to be honest, to just have a long list of services gets too close to a 'Mistress' site and that is not what I offer. My service is not menu based just specialist and personalised. However following a recent dressing, where the girl was very surprised at what facilities I had at my disposal, found her image of me had changed and as a result she said that I was hiding myself under a bushel, whatever that means, I mean a bushel of what? So, just so you don't think I am a one bedroom hooker I thought I would just outline some of the genuine extras that I offer.

In simple terms my service covers make-up, dressing, photography, meeting others and going out. As a Charles Fox trained make up artist I have all the necessary skills and equipment to completely transform you including eyelashes, nails and wigs. Making you up takes about 45 minutes, so give yourself plenty of time. Rushing the inner Tranny is not fun and gives you little time to 'adapt' and enjoy the new you. On the dressing front as I have said my wardrobe is vast with over 1000 outfits (and that's not counting any pieces of underwear!) from dress sizes 6-28, shoes 4 to 13 and all the trimmings. I keep it in off-site storage for cleaning, organisation, security and space reasons, so giving me an indication of what styles and types of dress you want is imperative (If in doubt see my blog from May). On top of this I have an enormous array of underwear hosiery and corsetry to fit a variety of chest, waist and leg sizes as well as breast forms from B to DD.

To say I offer photography is a misnomer. That can be done with any old point and fire digital camera. I use top of the range DSLR cameras, film cameras and lenses. I have a 1000 watt digital studio complete with backdrops, strobes and floods as well as bounce flash. The studio (which has to be erected at advance notice) can be used for digital filming of short videos which can be scripted. Post production includes Photoshop enhancements and Portrait Professional adaptation as well as video editing via simple Mac based software. I have to be honest, I tend to prefer taking pictures in a more natural setting of my apartment, than a cold studio setting, as I feel people are more relaxed, but if you need to use your pics for publishing then the white backdrop of the studio is perfect and you should tell me in advance. You always take home a USB stick with your photos in any case and I hope you would want them to be published on this site.

Ironically not all girls like me taking lots of photos, my girlfriend Tara is a good example. She hates me constantly taking hundreds of pictures as she says just one good one will do! Instead she much prefers the whole chat and discussion about being a Tranny and the mindset she is in. (So self-centred!) That is why I decided to offer a Tea and Chat service as an adjunct to at least having a couple of photos taken. Most girls have very few outlets to talk about being a dresser and sometimes its is so de-stressing (as opposed to distressing when you can't dress) having someone to talk through what is happening to you. I can even get another 'girl' along so you can share a few experiences. I also do regular duo shots for variety.

Meeting others is also the key to realising you are not alone and in fact have a lot in common with others. I love taking girls that extra mile. From the early dressing many (though not all) naturally move on to wanting to go out. These first steps are exciting an nerve-racking and I adore being the person that accompanies them to places and events to show themselves to the world. I have had some girls who came to me for a first dressing and within a week we were out and about. Others it has taken 5 years of dressing for them to have the courage to venture forth.

As I say nothing fits all but experience can guide you through the minefield of dressing. As they say you cannot be an overnight sensation. Nor can you change your destination overnight but you can change you direction in a day!