November 24, 2020

A day at the races

The day finally came. I was to meet Jennifer at a hotel in Exeter. It had been arranged for a while. The plan was to dress her and give her a make over then drive to Exeter races for a ladies day.


Jennifer had bought a lovely polka dot dress, black with white spots, with a nice white linen jacket. Matching black shoes and handbag, fininshed the outfit off perfectly. After we both dressed we were a little early for the races, so we relaxed with a cold white Pinot Grigio at the hotel. It was a lovely sunny day, so we sat outside and chatted about what we had both been up till since we had last saw each other.

Five o'clock soon came and it was time to go to the races. We were so lucky with the weather as the parking was on rough terrain, and as we were both wearing heels, could have been tricky trying to wade through mud. We were soon mixing with the crowd and it was quite exciting to be part of the racing scene. All the ladies dressed to the nines, we felt very comfortable there. We grabbed a drink from the bar and then settled down to study the 'form'. There was seven races that evening and we decided to do each way bets.


It was so thrilling seeing these magnificant horses on the course. After betting we made our way to the fence to watch as they passed. First game, Jennifer won.... sadly mine came second from last. It was such fun and we were jeering our horses on.

I think by the end of the races we had both almost broke even, but was such a lovely time.


I must tell you this... Jennifer I am sure won't mind. Between race 5 and 6 I needed the loo, so I left Jennifer outside. When I came out I noticed a gleam in her eye. She excitedly told me she had been chatted up. This young man, had invited her for a drink, but she declined as didn't want to leave me. Now that's what you call a friend.

Time came for us to go home... We went back to my hotel so Jennifer could get changed back to drab. It was a great day... however the following day we were doing a photo shoot in Exeter town.

I love my days out... thank you Jennifer!