November 24, 2020

5 things to help the Boy to Girl transformation

Yes I know there are absolutely hundreds of sites out there that can help you transform yourself from boy to girl and hopefully you will have seen other ideas I have had in my previous blogs. But here are five others I would recommend you look at when you dress.

Working from the top down:

  1. The Face - now I know there are many face shapes out there but in general men's features need to be softened. There are strong lines that are more rounded and need to be accentuated. For this you need to learn the skills of contouring. This is the art of having the guts to paint yourself like a red Indian and then blending them to either highlight or create more feminine lines. Here are a couple of articles and videos that I think demonstrate this art very well:
    - Your Tube Contouring Video
    - The Kim Kardashian Effect

  2. The Neck - men have a thicker set neck and an Adam's apple which is noticeable. Many resort to high necked dresses or polo necks which to me actually enhances the problem. I personally think you should do the exact opposite. Open up your neck. Definitely keep clothing away from your chin. Wear a strappy dress and a necklace that takes the eye further down the chest, not a choker though. Add to this a longer wig that curves in at the neck and floats onto the shoulders. Finally and this is a personal one wear a scarf loosely tied around the neck so there is a gap between the neck and the scarf
  3. The Shoulders - Men have big shoulders and slimmer hips so if for example they wear a straight cut jacket it tends to hang on them. However when you look at a woman with the reverse a jacket will tend to sit on their hips making it look much slimmer. If you buy a long woman's jacket or cardigan the styling will just make it hang even more on you. You need to look at some form a tailoring. For a better appearance either chose a short cut blouson type jacket which end at the waist or a fitted elasticated jacket/bolero that comes in at the waist. In reality this also applies to coats, so get them fitted and not hanging like a bell tent!
  4. The Bum and Hips - of course you all know I own a company called Fetish Corsets and advocate that all my girls at Château Femme dressings should wear a corset to achieve that prefect hourglass figure I so adore. But once this is on we have to look at those slimmer hips and bum. Option one is to get in the gym and start doing squats and lunges. Believe me two weeks of 50 squats and 50 lunges per day will give your ass a pert and rounded look that perfectly complements your wast. If not its hip and bum pads as the next option. There are some that are the real deal such as Silicone Pads but I also like the relatively cheap Butt Pants as these offer soft support and more importantly act as a gaff to restrain your manliness in place and give you a very flat frontage! The effect of these panties is to make your waist look slimmer.
  5. The Feet - men's feet are much bigger than women's and wider! They also look larger because a low heeled shoe looks larger than a high heel. Put a pair of size 8 high heels next to a pair of size 8 flats and you can already see that the flats look like flippers in comparison to the heels. The sloping instep shortens the foot and gives your feet the appearance that they are smaller. The side effect of course is that your height increases and you stand out more. Just accept this and more importantly do not fall for the worst tranny mistake rounding your shoulders and lurching forward. Instead stand proud and look straight ahead or sit at the bar!