Escorted Trips

Out and about...

Taking that big step out into the void is a very nervous moment for all girls. Be it a shopping trip, a lunch , a walk down the high street, a club or a trip abroad I have done them countless times.

I know all too well how a girl is both extremely nervous about being out in public and how exciting it is. All your senses are on red alert. Will I be ridiculed? Will I be recognised? Will I look too masculine? Will I be able to cope in heels? Just so many things to think about.

It’s scary but also great fun and having someone along with you to think about what you should do next is a great help. Have you got all the right items in your handbag? How can I redo my lipstick? How to drink without getting lippy on my glass? Which toilet to use?

My main escorted trips that I offer (though not exclusive) are as follows:

Shopping Trips

You can be either dressed or not. This gives you a chance to shop for your own wardrobe and have the whole female package in one day. Maybe a visit to a local beauty salon or even Botox! I can help on all levels (treatments are at an extra cost).

Days Out

We dress at mine then find out a variety of places to go. The beach, a restaurant, a beauty spot. We can take lots of pictures in a variety of locations and let you loose on the public.

Evenings Out

Here we visit restaurants and then proceed onto clubs. I am a regular at events such as Candy Girls, The Way Out Club and BNO as well as having an array of local clubs and restaurants that I frequent. My Facebook group Susie’s Angels are also out once a month and we can dress and then meet them as well

Event Days

I can offer a full escorted service including chauffeur to events such as horserace meetings, concerts, exhibitions and the theatre.


I am available to help with trips within the UK such as Leeds FF, Manchester Village, Sparkle. I have also organised events in Berlin, Gran Canarias, Ibiza and Benidorm and plan on visiting the Wild Side in Las Vegas this year.

Naturally with these trips I will need both my time and expenses paid for the duration of the event.

Escorting you to a club, theatre or dinner would be my pleasure. I can furnish you with everything you need from breast forms to shoes, clothing wigs etc. Prices are bespoke depending on the trip and include a full make over. Contact me to arrange.