Deportment Etiquette

Taking another step ;)

There is nothing worse than watching a girl walking with a man’s gait or a lady with a slouch at the table and strong male mannerisms. Part of being a passable woman is that you have to belay your male ways of walking sitting and acting as it detract from what you look like and showing off the complete new you.

If you ever want to go out you have to have walked more than the 20 feet of your lounge or sat only at your only table and chairs. You have to experience new horizons. How will you cope with a small hill, soft ground and getting in and out of a car in that short skirt if you have not had some feedback.

Walking in those 5 inch heels (actually any heels) for the first time is a nightmare and one needs practice and training. Going up and down a stairs gracefully is a skill to be learned but you have to have the right ones to start on.

Because we have such a large house and gardens as well as 200 yds of private roadway to walk on we offer an unprecedented training area for you to learn both deportment and wealth of understanding of the etiquette that would be expected should you want to venture out or even to another’s house.

Our courses are naturally tailor-made to your needs and with the help of video and photography as well as some good video examples we aim to take you through all the main elements that will enhance your style and your appearance to the outside world.

Its not easy but was anything that did not bring about the best changes in your behaviour!