Maid and Sissy

The frill of it all...

This is my favourite look. This is that time where you hand over responsibility to me to dress you in those clothes that take away your masculinity and enter a mode of subservience and service.

There is nothing more perfectly submissive in becoming my little servant. I have over 35 different outfits in materials such as Satin, PVC, Organza, Cotton and Wet Look. All ensure that your effeminate self comes to the fore and you are up for the tasks I will be giving you.

I have typical French Maid in black and white in all sizes from size 8 to size 28. However for fun I also have Fetish Maid, Victorian Maid, outfits in silver, pink, lemon, blue, green, red, yellow, plus of course the obligatory bustling petticoats. A vast array of caps and aprons to finish off the desired look. A lot of my outfits are used for that flouncy look associated with being such a girly girl too.

I adore adding bells, harnesses and extra frills to enhance the whole Sissy experience.

The shape these outfits give you are probably the most feminine. The way the waist is nipped in and with lashings of petticoats ( some of my petticoats have 10 layers of satin and net) billowing the circle skirt out so you curtsey and bow as only a flouncy girl can.

If you have never tried this look, I would strongly recommend it. I think all girls do enjoy the ultimate femme thrill. Reactions can be extreme. I have had girls burst into tears and others shake like a leaf.

I do have lots of props for this shoot, feather dusters, hoovers, dish cloths...

...and if you should get carried away... you have my permission dust and clean at NO EXTRA charge!  ;-)

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