Kinky pleasures...

Fetish is defined as a sexual attraction to objects or body parts of lesser sexual importance (or none at all) such as feet or certain types of clothing.

Lots of outfits to bring out the submissive or even dominatrix in you. This is the ultimate fantasy look. This is definitely not the high street. This is about escapism into a realm of your own making and enjoyment. It is very empowering for me to see such a complete transformation from the plain to PVC and the effect it has on the girl herself.

I have an extensive wardrobe of leather, faux rubber, PVC or silk each one for its own kink. Add thigh length boots or even 6 inch heels .

Of course a lot of girls have fetishes of all sorts. Satin,is a big fetish, wearing satin blouses, skirts and dresses. Of course stockings and tights are a very well known trigger. Even shoes which are a particular fetish of mine! But less said and back to my Dressing Service. I have well over 100 pairs of shoes ranging from size 5 to size 13. Included in these are high heels, boots, strappy sandals, pony boots and ballet boots.

I also have roleplay fantasy wear such as Schoolgirl, Nurse, Air Hostess and USA Diner girl.

I have many props including a St Andrews Cross and a Spanking Bench for use in photography. Imagine donning thigh length boots with a short PVC dress sporting a whip, we can create so many sexy pictures. This style also works very well for a Duo Day, as it gives each girl a definite role to aspire to!

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