Special Events Hosted By Lady Susie and Mistress V


‘Parties At Chateau Femme In 2019

In 2019, we’ll be hosting 7 exclusive daytime parties. It’s an opportunity for 6 to 8  like-minded girls to share a day or evening dressed up, made up and immersed in a truly feminine role. (click on links as and when they become available)  

          • Sissies & Maids Day – 7 February 2019 SOLD OUT AND GONE
          • 1950s Housewife/Pin-up day – 4 April 2019  SOLD OUT AND GONE
          • Schoolgirls of St Trinian’s Day – 6 June 2019 SOLD OUT AND GONE
          • Beauty Pageant Day – 4 July 2019  SOLD OUT AND GONE
          • Sissies & Maids Day  – 1 August 2019 SOLD OUT AND GONE 
          • Sexy Halloween Evening – 3 October 2019 SOLD OUT AND GONE

The Party is over for this year we, would love to thank all the participants for making them such special days.

Our next event is a SISSY AND MAID PARTY in February 2020. Date will be announced November 2019.

You can also register your interest for any of our events through the Contact page.